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Solax UK Hybrid Solar Inverter

MB Services Group have acquired FMC Renewables. They offer the same great service for renewables and can also supply and fit traditional gas boilers.

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Introducing the SolaxUK battery storage hybrid inverter:


The SolaxUK solar battery storage inverter allows households to store electricity generated during peak hours and re-use it again when required.

It is estimated that around 50% of the electricity generated by households is exported back to the main electrical grid. In reality, the estimated figure is significantly higher and at least 65% of the electricity being generated is exported back to the main electrical grid. The conclusion being that when the solar pv panels are producing electricity during the day, the household is likely to be unoccupied with little, if any electrical usage.

The solar battery storage inverter automatically feeds any unused electricity into a battery store unit; the electricity is then re-used to power appliances throughout the property when the solar panels stop generating electricity.

The SolaxUK solar battery storage inverter also has a built in emergency power supply function meaning that if the main electrical grid goes down, the electricity stored in the battery will automatically take control and supply electricity to the households electrical appliances.


The video below demonstrates exactly how a solar battery storage inverter works:

Our installation teams work throughout Aberdeen, Angus, Dundee, Fife and Perth. All installations include manufacturer warranty on parts and labour.